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Magik'ly Speaking…
with Elizabeth Abernathy

I was lying in bed the other night listening to my favourite radio program when the subject of psychic rape came up. The topic covered everything from individuals using astral travel to attack unwitting sleepers, to Night Hags, Incubi, and Succubae. I was stunned to hear the number of emails and calls the host of the program received about this subject. Since it's such a concern for so many men and women, this month's column will deal with ways to protect yourself from psychic molestation.

There are a number of ways to shield oneself even during slumber. If at all possible, the room or rooms the attacks take place in should receive a cleansing. The following is a very simple ritual to cleanse the area of residual negative psychic energy; the instructions are the same whether you sleep on a futon, in a bed, or on someone's couch:

Strip the bed of all linens, pillows, cushions, etc. Wash everything possible in whatever setting suggested, and add a handful of salt to the wash water. If you happen to have any rosemary on hand, make a tea of it while the wash is going, and add this to your rinse water. Salt has the wonderful property of neutralizing negative energy, and rosemary is one of our many easy-to-find, protective herbs.

Open any doors, cupboards, and furniture drawers and doors. Toss handfuls of salt around the entire area, making sure to get it into corners, and under furniture. Also be sure to toss some under the mattress. Don't forget your doorways and windowsills. Every entrance to the room should have special attention paid to it. Visualize the salt absorbing and neutralizing any negative energy. Let it sit for a bit. Now is a good time to sit and make the decision to NOT be messed with any further. Set your mind on the fact that this is YOUR spirit, and YOU will be in charge of its nocturnal activities!! Get FIRED UP!!

Now… vacuum or sweep all of the salt which collected on the floor. Also remember to do the top of the mattress, although in severe cases, fresh salt can be left under the clean bedding. Leave it in the drawers, cupboards, on the windowsills, and under the mattress to neutralize anything new that tries to invade the area.

Wash the doorways and windowsills with either salt water or rosemary tea. Lemons squeezed into a bowl of water may also be used for this part. You may be noticing by now that the vibrational rate in the room is higher, and cleaner. I personally feel it in my fingers and all down my spine. You may perceive it as a boost in your own energy level, which is always a plus.

Adding salt and rosemary to your bath water will have the same effect for you as it does for the room.

Now that we've got the space cleared of all that nastiness, and your person bathed and protected, here are a few other things you can try if you feel you need some extra oomph:

Tie a red cord onto the bed with nine knots. While tying each knot, visualize the most invulnerable covering you can imagine. For instance, if Fort Knox seems like an impenetrable fortress to you, you might visualize those kinds of walls surrounding your sleeping area. I have a shaman friend who builds herself a mental igloo every night before she drops off to sleep. She's found it invaluable for filtering out the nightmares she'd been plagued with, as well as the astral sexual attack she was experiencing nightly.

If you are Pagan, or have another reason to own an Athame, sword, or other large knife-like object, you can place this under the mattress when you're sleeping. Some people also decide to place the object in their snoozing spot, (pointy end on the pillow), while it's not occupied during the day, (or night, depending on your schedule). Obviously, this isn't a good idea if there are children around, unless they've been brought up in the Way, or some other tradition which teaches them to leave such things alone.

You can light a white or red candle, and have a talk with whatever protective force you believe in. Ask that they be on guard and help prevent any other force from disturbing you while you sleep. Talk to your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, or Mars, if that's your realm of belief.

Nearly every tradition has some way of clearing areas of evil or negative energies. Those following Native American tradition might create a protective Dream Catcher constructed specifically to ensnare this unwanted sexual energy. A Catholic friend asked her priest for a vial of holy water to bless her home with. One of my clients had me make him a Medicine Bag to protect him from the visits of a Night Hag. Any of us has the ability to stop attacks such as this, but people who are in a position that disallows actions such as these can contact professionals in many belief systems for help.

In closing, let me say that not all unwanted sexual activity comes from outside sources. If none of the above-mentioned methods succeed in putting a stop to nocturnal visitations, and if spiritual advisors have failed, you may start looking into your own psyche. Repression breeds obsession. Memories of past abuse can resurface during sleep, especially if the victim has buried the incident/s deeply in their subconscious. It may be helpful to seek counselling if cleansings, blessings, and protections give you no relief.

Elizabeth Abernathy (aka Boo) currently lives in Oregon with her 2 husbands, 7 kids, and many critters. She's been a Hedgewitch for 30 years, and works with clients internationally providing Healing Work, Magickal Spellwork, Tarot, Runes and Numerology Readings. Please check out her website or contact her via email today.

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