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Tantric Orgasm for Women
by Diane Richardson
ISBN#: 8-8928-1133-1

There were a few books I ordered to review for this issue. Unfortunately, they weren't all that great. Actually they were a lot less than great. This book however, intrigued me right from the cover and kept me interested throughout the book as well.

Diana takes you on a journey into yourself and into your partner. Getting you to really look at sensuality, touch and even vaginal pain in a deep and loving manner.

She believes relaxation is the key to orgasm and teaches you how to become receptive to this energy, allowing it to flow in a way you may have never experienced before. Focusing more on a woman's breasts and creating a flow of energy between a man and woman rather than the usual "deeper, faster, harder" philosophy many of us have grown up with.

Diana also teaches us to heal our past experiences… sexual abuse, rape and even our 'need' to orgasm quickly. She explains how to heal these 'blockages' and offers meditations and exercises for us to do alone and with our partners.

While teaching us to open ourselves to the gentle, relaxed orgasm through loving touch and deepening our connection and love for each other… she doesn't forget to include information for pleasing our male or female partners. This book isn't just about the female orgasm but also about the males'. It gives you an opening to tantra like no other book I've read on the subject. Rather than focusing on massage, feeding each other etc. she focuses on the exchange of energy between our bodies, which to me, is what tantra is all about.

She discusses how to get out of your 'habits' and focuses on rebuilding the stimulation you had at the beginning of your relationship by using less stimulation!

If creating a more intimate, enlightened, sensual and blissful sexual experience is important to you and your partner; taking the time to read this book and do the exercises will benefit you both immensely.

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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