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A Spiritually Enlightening Online Magazine. Sept. Theme: "Sexuality" Volume 1 Issue 6 ISSN# 1708-3265

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Cosmic Tribe Tarot
by Stevee Postman
ISBN #: 0-89281-700-3

I knew there was going to be some nudity in this deck, but I had no idea the amount of nudity would be so, um, obvious.

Apart from the nudity, I found it to be an excellent deck. It is easily interpreted regardless of your level of experience. It is also absolutely beautifully presented. The imagery is colourful and really assists your intuitional juices to flow. If it were not for the penises in this deck, I would probably use it a lot. I couldn't get past the nudity though. I found it really hard to focus on the cards when a penis was hanging there, staring me in the face while I attempted to look at the entire card. If I could add a little loincloth onto the men, I think I could use this deck with clients; although, in it's present state, I can't even imagine pulling out this deck and attempting to use it with a client!

Unfortunately I don't have the same free liberating feelings Stevee has; if I did, perhaps those 22 penises (of which only 10 are glaringly obvious) wouldn't be seen as such a negative aspect of this deck. But for those of you who do share Stevee's open mindedness about our 'natural state'… I highly recommend this deck to you. It's one of those decks you look at and think… "now that's artistic talent!".

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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