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Llewellyn's Astrology Datebook - 2004
Daily Planetary Guide

ISBN#: 0-7387-01131-9

For so many years I have been disappointed by the various daybooks available - but no longer. Thank you Llewellyn, for listening to the needs of the West Coasters, and listing the times in both Eastern and Pacific zones. At last - all the information I require, right in one place.

There are sunrise and sunset tables, an ephemeris for the current year (which often saves me having to lug out the big one), as well as all the usual information one requires in an astrological day-planner - moon void-of-course periods, planetary stations and retrogrades, ingress and aspects of the lights and the planets; and information on Chiron, Juno, Ceres, Pallas-Athena and Vesta.

This daybook also has an excellent section introducing the basic concepts of astrology - planets, signs, elements, genders and qualities, houses, aspects - and a wonderful week-by-week set of forecasts written with all the usual wry wit of Kim Rogers-Gallagher.

As a confirmed control-freak who wants it all, (and right now please) I would definitely recommend this day-planner to any reader who also wants it all day-by-day in one place. This is the day-planner for me!

Reviewed by,
Magi Frost

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