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Attracting Abundance and Prosperity with Crystals
by Heather Askinosie

I remember sitting in my apartment years ago trying to figure out how I was going to pay my rent and bills and wondering when I would get my next job. Things were looking bleak and I was getting depressed. I called my mom to talk about my financial woes and she made a statement that literally changed my life. So simple and yet so true she said, "Heather you are starving with a loaf of bread in your hand. You have all this information - use it!"

I'd spent years traveling and studying with healers in different parts of the world learning about energy, healing and the magical powers and technology of crystals. Now, I needed money - and fast. From my feng shui teachings, it is believed that three ancient Chinese coins tied with red string bring money. I decided to make a necklace of jade (considered an auspicious stone) with a pendant composed of three Chinese coins tied with red string. I wore my new prosperity necklace everyday - and each day the universe opened a door of opportunity for me: new jobs, new people, new business ventures and unexpected money arriving to pay my bills. WOW!!!!

I heard the Universe's message loud and clear and continued to utilize more crystal secrets given to me, such as always carry a small piece of citrine and malachite in my wallet. I was also told to tape three ancient Chinese coins tied with red string to the inside of my wallet to insure that my wallet will always be full. A wealthy businessman shared that the secret stone of wealth is citrine. To attract abundance, either wear citrine or have a sphere or crystal citrine point on your desk, altar, or space of prominence in the house.

The more I worked with crystals the more my life changed and became more abundant in so many ways. I started to wonder whether it was the crystals creating all this abundance - or me? Through meditating with my prosperity crystals (citrine, jade, malachite, green aventurine) I learned that these God-made earth crystals are tools of empowerment that help me unlock what is already there. They act like a powerful life coach reminding me that prosperity, abundance and opportunity already exist. I just have to be aware and open to it.

Crystals unleash energy blockages in the body. The most powerful way to utilize crystals is to hold them in your hand, breathe and visualize your intention. This helps you to re-program your mind with what you want, and programs the crystal as well. Another powerful technique is to write down what you want to manifest in your life right now. Sign your full name, record the time and date, and then place a citrine point on top of the paper and watch your dreams come alive. I love working with citrine. Citrine doesn't hold onto negative energy and is self-cleansing.

I like to place my crystals in the sun or under the moon when I feel they need to be re-energized. I figure they come from the earth so they should be given back to the earth energy to replenish themselves. Crystals work if you work with them with positive clear intentions. They are tools to help you manifest your dreams. I believe that you receive what you put into your manifestation process. This is true of life - life flows smoother when we let go, have clear intentions and have a little help from our earth friends - CRYSTALS!!

Think about your dreams and visualize them happening. The power is within you!

Heather Askinosie is the co-founder of Energy Muse Jewelry, and has specialized in the spiritual aspects of crystal healing for over five years. She can be reached via email.

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