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Volume 2 Issue 6 ISSN# 1708-3265
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An Editorial by Aleesha Stephenson

This issue's cover image inspired me! It inspired me to create. I found myself craving the opportunity to take this wonderful piece and bend it, twist it and make it into a wonderful visual experience for my readers.

I found the colours bringing me to life! It's like my chakras were responding to the intensity of the vibrations and with my third eye WIDE open - I began to play. Having such fun playing with the images before my eyes!

I hope this cover plants some 'seeds of inspiration' within you… even if it just stops you for a moment while you say, "What the heck is Aleesha doing?"

This issue has some other unique qualities. We are publishing a story, Dragon's Daughter, one chapter per issue. Jennifer Monaghan is a gifted writer and storyteller extraordinaire! I feel very blessed to have her writing for TSM.

Another unique feature in this issue is the three pages of quotes I've included. As this issue's theme is "seeds of inspiration" - what better seeds to share than quotes which inspire us to achieve, quotes which inspire us to think, quotes which… inspire us!

So please enjoy this issue, page by page… drinking in the many wonderful writings of this issue and please remember… YOU are the ancestor for future generations. What you do is not small and insignificant… every choice you make will affect our children and their children… so plant your seeds well!


Tales of a Country Vet is not included in this issue due to computer difficulties for Dr. Bruce Burton… he will be returning next issue.

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