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Inspiration from Above

with Dawn Baumann Brunke

One of my favorite ways to connect with animals, plants, nature guides and spirit beings is to close my eyes and "put out the call." Sometimes I have a topic in mind, or a question hovers just under consciousness. Other times, I feel open to the unknown, curious to see what forms of life might be willing to speak with me and share their unique perspective on our world. Through these journeys of consciousness, I have met with dolphins and spiders, ancient elephants and dream rabbits, ravens and leopard spirits, ancestor horses and gray whales cruising the channels between Alaska and Hawaii. For me, part of the joy of such communication is in not knowing who will show up or what they will have to say. Sometimes, animals I have never heard of come to call, offering inspiration of the most unexpected kind.

One morning, while relaxing and opening in just this way, I heard the following message: "We come to you today from the air -- birds of wide, white wings. We are not well known in your time, but come from another, ancient order. We wish to speak about a resurrection of the world heart. In some ways, it is opening the past so as to better embrace the future. Let us explain.

"Our kind is about lifting and opening, about giving up old patterns so as to be open to the filtering down of the new. Our energy descends onto earth at this time, in this time of change. We sweep across the land and offer our wisdom -- our 'new' old perspective to those who are open and wish to be filled. Our energy is light and barely visible, like fairy dust that shifts and sifts over all, covering everything in a veil of white light. Our energy is readily dissolvable, taken in by the hair and skin. Understand that it is a very fine, yet physical substance that falls from the sky (from our wings and our being) and can then be absorbed into your being. In some ways, it is as the moth's spirit dust. And, in the same way, it is about wisdom and eternity."

I knew what these birds of wide white wings were referring to, for they sent simultaneous pictures as they spoke. First, the "veil of white light" was imaged to me as a kind of etheric snow -- something that is both visible and not visible, depending upon one's perspective. Second, the "moth's spirit dust" was connected with a moth who had appeared on my office window for several days some five years previous, while I was writing my first book. The moth had led me to experience a moment of synchronicity in which I slid an old copy of Carlos Casteneda's Tales of Power from my book shelf only to see on the cover a drawing of large moth surrounded by its shimmering lightbody. I then opened the book to the exact page where don Juan told Carlos that it was time to talk about moths. "The moths are heralds or, better yet, the guardians of eternity," don Juan told Carlos. "The moths carry a dust on their wings… that dust is the dust of knowledge." When Carlos asked what knowledge had to do with dust on the wings of moths, don Juan explained, "Knowledge comes floating like specks of gold dust, the same dust that covers the wings of moth." "But how can the dust on their wings be knowledge?" asked Carlos. "You'll see," said the enigmatic don Juan.

Indeed, "you'll see" seems to be a common occurrence in such adventures of consciousness. So often I will get a snippet of something I don't fully understand, only to find the thread has reappeared many years later in a conversation or event, or referred to as a symbolic connection. Like the moth's dust -- an 'old' connection now presented as a 'new' inspiration.

The birds continued, "To tie back into resurrection, the taking in of our 'essence' or 'dust' allows for the rebirth of a deadened, sluggish or sleepy spirit. It helps to rejuvenate, refresh, and allows one to re-member with other times as well as other beings. A common, united purpose is needed here, on this earth -- and it is to that pathway of purpose which we speak. We offer this information to inform you of the many ways that spirit works.

"In fact, our 'dust' is a shape shifting of sorts, for it is the transformation of spiritual essence into a form that can be taken in by the many. Other animals have spoken to you about partaking of common energy or spirit through eating their bodies. Our way is another: ingesting essence through your skin and hair and being. It is a more ancient way, as we have said, a way that has not been seen on earth at many times in the present, just as our kind is not well known."

As I began to wonder about exactly who these birds of the wide, white wings were and when they had been present on earth, they answered: "We are similar to an angelic order, though that is not our classification. We are of an animal order that is old and works with the earth during times of change. The closest bird we can refer you to is the mythical phoenix. We are not the phoenix, who is of air and fire, but our kind is similar both in mythology and in nature. We are of air and ether, of which there is a distinction.

"That is all for now," they said in closing. "This is more of a memo, an inspiration from above, and we will come again if you desire to talk with us. We are the Angel Birds, or the Falcon Angels, if you like. We are the need for circumstance that flows seamlessly with the ways of nature, designed for the unfolding of planetary evolution."

And, with that, the birds of the wide, white wings were gone. I still think of them at times. Like when I see the faintest trace of snow dust shining on the mountains in the distance, or a playful sheen of white light flashing on a leaf. I know they are here, urging us on, reminding us of all those things we really know, deep down inside ourselves. Such inspiration is all around us, all the time -- then and now and always.

Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life and Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life. Both books explore the deeper nature of our relationship with animals, nature, each other and ourselves. For more, see Dawn's website.

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