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Meditate A Moment
Inspiration, Synchronicity and Magical Meetings with Animals

featuring: Dawn Baumann Brunke

In Sync with Synchronicity

When we are in sync with the flow of the universe, we are open and aware, centered in the here and now. Because we are not expecting anything, we are naturally focused on being rather than doing (though we may be doing things as well--walking in the desert, waiting for a train, standing outside watching the sun rise). In such moments, we experience a change in perspective; we shift from the routine of living our lives to experiencing the abundant flow of life living through us.

This is often a time when messages, inspirations or answers come to us effortlessly, like magic. It is no longer an exhausting process--something to search for, somewhere to go, something to discover, something to figure out. It is all here now, and we are "getting it" in the unique way that is perfect for us.

While we are not always in sync with synchronicity, the good news is that there are ways to slide in, to feel the wave of oneness and ride it. The trick is to do it in an indirect sort of way, to ease ourselves in and trust the deep unfolding. It's so often when we least expect it that exactly what we need to know shows up. Magic happens.

Here, then, is a very simple active meditation that you can do anywhere--on your way to work, while taking a walk, at home gardening. It's a way to cozy up to synchronicity, connect with the animal world, and at the same receive feedback on questions, concerns, problems and general wonderings. Although this meditation is focused on connecting with animals, you could just as easily receive answers from clouds or plants, shooting stars or a look from a passing stranger.

Invoke a Magical Meeting

To invoke a magical meeting, you open yourself to the wonder of synchronicity. As with so many exercises in expanding awareness of yourself and the world, the key is not so much in taking action, but in letting go and trusting.

First, find a quiet place and spend a few moments centering. Breathe deep and focus on a specific question, problem, or area of concern. As with all things, the clarity with which you express yourself is often equal to the quality of what you receive back.

State your concern out loud. Then, ask for a sign or encounter in which an animal will show you something that will help you with your concern.

Now let go--completely let it go. Release your request and go about your daily business. Quite often the "answer" to your question comes when you are not expecting it. It may be accompanied by a feeling of surprise or an internal "Aha!"

While some magical meetings involve real animals, others may feature the image of an animal in a book, on television, or in a daydream. Your magical meeting may involve animal sounds or tracks, animal bones, or perhaps even a pile of scat. In any case, you will know inside when your answer has arrived.

Enjoy the experience and note your feelings before you try to comprehend meaning. Sometimes there is no meaning other than delighting in the experience itself. Other times, deeper connotations will unfold naturally.

You may wish to record your question and the answers you receive. Sometimes several answers will show up, and sometimes the same animal will reveal itself in different ways or forms over a period of time. Recording unusual encounters with animals is also a wonderful way to remind us of the magic that is ever present in our world. Some meetings with animals can foreshadow experiences yet to come. Other times, these meetings are confirmations of things we have already learned, or reminders of what we may have forgotten. They serve as verification that we are on the right track.

Is it Real?

Real magic happens when we are transported to a different frame of mind, seeing the world and meeting ourselves in a completely different way. Part of what is magical about synchronicity is that the elements of such meaningful events are always present. As the street magician David Blaine puts it, "The signs are everywhere, always." It is simply a matter of listening, hearing, seeing, sensing what is around us all the time.

Magical meetings may also occur spontaneously when we are playing or being creative. Most animals groove on creativity. When we are in a creative state of being, we are in sync, in "right relations" with ourselves and the world. At times, our heightened creativity calls out to others, as if inviting them to share the joy. As we open to playful, creative states of being, we may find that animals naturally come to explore with us. They may even join in our play, adding their own insights to form a larger creative vision.

As we become more consciously aware of the power of magical meetings--as we honor the exchange of knowledge, wisdom, and love that is present in such encounters--we celebrate the deeper connection of all creation. What will you do with the magical meetings that come your way? As the poet Rumi offers, "Be grateful for whoever comes, because each guest has been sent as a guide from beyond."

~ ~ ~

The above was partially excerpted from Awakening to Animal Voices: A Guide to Telepathic Connection with All Life by Dawn Baumann Brunke, published by Inner Traditions International, 2004. For more information, see www.animalvoices.net.

Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life and Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life. Both books explore the deeper nature of our relationship with animals, nature, each other and ourselves. For more, see Dawn's website.

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