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The Encyclopedia of Tarot
Volume IV

Stuart R. Kaplan and Jean Huets
ISBN #: 1-57281-506-X

"The Encyclopedia of Tarot allows people to compare the works of many tarot artists and to study each artist's unique interpretation of the tarot's meaning." Stuart Kaplan

With artwork from 850 decks and 36 years of research by Stuart Kaplan, this encyclopedia is a must-have for the tarot enthusiast! A hard-covered book with 800 pages of images and text… sharing the world of tarot with it's reader.

The section on unpublished decks is extraordinary… the images and meanings gives a glance into the abundant creative minds of the world… flowing into the published decks which many of us may own or simply desire (and even more we have never seen before).

A 60 page section of Japanese decks also graces this book.

Rare images of out-of-print decks are represented within it's pages and even though most of the images are in black and white and some of the detail is lost… seeing a peek of these images makes you want to delve even deeper to study them yourself. There is also a coloured section of examples (most in actual size) of cards to salivate over and dream about!

If you love the tarot, if you are passionate about art… this Volume IV will not only entice you to keep reading but will capture your attention for days as you peruse it's pages and discover not only new cards but aspects of the tarot brought together by Jean Huets to further your study.

Passionately reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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