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Shamanic Experience: A Practical Guide to Psychic Powers
Includes a CD of Shamanic Drumming
Kenneth Meadows
ISBN #: 1-59143-002-X

I have a standard list of books I recommend to those asking about shamanism. This book just went to the top of that list!

Shamanic Experience is a great book for anyone curious about shamanism, or for those beginning to walk the shaman's path.

Kenneth Meadows does not claim you will become a shaman after reading his book; to the contrary, he makes it clear, that you have to "do it, to know it".

In this book, we are taught how we can expand our consciousness, transcend time and space, and develop our extrasensory perception, by exploring the space within and around everything.

Through fundamental shamanic principles, the author has found to be inherent in cultures and traditions all around the world, he explains how we can incorporate timeless wisdom into our contemporary daily lives and how it can aid in our personal growth, healing, and finding our spirit's purpose.

There are 13 simple and practical exercises found in this book, designed to help us harmonize our own spiritual energy with that of the universe's natural forces. Among these are exercises in learning to see and feel auras, how to ground, 'let go', draw energy and protect yourself. Also included are chapters on medicine tools, power animals, meeting your guides, teachers and guardians, chakras, crystals, plants and healing.

Kenneth Meadows explains clearly and in layman's terms, the multi-dimensional universe that exists beyond ordinary reality, and how to access its various worlds.

Included, with the book, is a 47-minute drumming CD, which helps the listener achieve a trance state for shamanic journeying. Track 1 contains 17 minutes of rhythmic drumming designed for first shamanic journeys. Track 2 is a 30-minute sequence, for longer journeys and to help induce a deeper state of awareness.

The 208-page book concludes with a useful glossary, bibliography and index.

The techniques and correspondences found in this book are by no means the only "correct" ones, but have been based upon commonalities found in many cultures.

From the first chapter on, Shamanic Experience felt honest, and deeply familiar to me. The teachings ring true. I highly recommend this book!

From the publisher:

Kenneth Meadows (1925-2002) is internationally respected for his work in adapting shamanic wisdom to contemporary culture. He was the author of a number of bestselling books, including Earth Medicine, The Medicine Way, Rune Power, and Where Eagles Fly, and was cofounder of the Faculty of Shamanics in England.

Reviewed by
Toria Betson.

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