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About The Cover
Diane Keys

Diane Keys
Writer/Photographer/Multi-Media Artist    

This piece was my very first visual journal entry for an online class I was taking at Shimelle.com. The prompt was 'risk taking'. The thought of making something as personal as a visual art journal public, brought up a lot of my insecurities. I tried to allow myself to create without censoring and let whatever came out be 'good enough'.   

"Rather than being pretty or polite, I want my art to have truth to it. I like to chronicle periods of time visually, often using found objects or otherwise mundane items as a way to lend authenticity. I believe we each can cultivate synchronicity in our lives. As I nervously thought about making my first visual journal spread, I was cooking dinner and was drawn to the sticker on the package: "Use Your Imagination, Be Creative. Add Your Own Favorite Ingredients and Create Something Unique". I knew I had to use this on my page!  

Please visit my Yahoo Group, feel free to join us and share your own creative process!


Representative credits include: The Chicago Sun Times, Mountain Moving Literary Magazine, Shared Transformation, Libido, The Arizona Jewish Post, What If… The Magazine for Modern Philosophers, The Forestville Gazette, The Colorado Springs Gazette, ATCs for a Cure, and New Pleiades Illustrated Poetry Anthology 2005 where Diane's artwork is featured in a special section called "Poetry Without Words".  

Diane has had art shows in Holland, Arizona, and Colorado in and among the following venues: Solar Culture Gallery, Cuppucino's Coffee House, Cafe Quebec, Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, Woemud Cafe, The Colorado Springs Library, and Art Splash I and II (devoted to experimental art). She sponsored a mail art exhibit at the Colorado Springs YMCA and continues to be very involved in the mail art community.

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Copyright (c) Diane Keys


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