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Slowing the Heavenly Fan
by Rev. Cheryl Jewett

Opening your mind and heart to an awareness of loved ones who have passed away can seem troublesome, even impossible. Recently, I was talking to my near-teen grandson about his father who had passed away ten years ago. He said, "But Grandma, how do I open my mind and heart to Dad's presence? How do I know he's there?"

How do you know the wind is there? Or, the sun is shining on a cloudy day? How do you know a God-Spirit is present? Is it an intuitive feeling? A sensing, a knowing? Time and space are nonexistent in the parallel dimension called Heaven. Mode of communication is via thought projection. Those in Heaven know if Aunt Armella had a baby girl or boy. They know when Daddy got a new job, or moved into a new house. They walk with us just as we walk with them.  

My son's spirit visits me, as do other loved ones, who have passed away. Sensing the difference between people has to do with many senses; scent, seeing, listening, touching, tasting, the role that person played in life. My Dad and my son visit me often; the smell of chocolate wafting through the air for some strange reason is usually the tell-tale clue. They're both choca-holics, both characters, and I sense they continue to enjoy each other's company. It's a warm, fun-loving spirit I feel, love bursting as though a fireworks sparkler.

I think believing in spirits comes after you replace fear with love. A knowing that even though the body may die, the spirit lives on. Fear closes the door to the possibility of any communication with loved ones on the Other Shore; love bursts it wide open. By opening to the awareness that we are ONE with all, we begin to see our loved ones all around us whether it's in a beloved song, a favorite food, or a look-alike person. Rather than thinking of it as an accidental coincidence, think of it as a call to attention from a loved one who has passed away.

Embracing fearful thoughts through frustration and resistance, doesn't work. So, learn to release your fears and inhibitions. Many messages from loved ones are just plain missed because life is so busy, or we minimize what we intuitively feel. Allow the Divine Light of Miracles to enter your being and take you to a higher vibration of enlightenment. Then, watch as the mind and heart expand ever more widely, ever more gently. Remember, the more Loving Light let in, the higher the vibration; much like the sweet fragrance of a rose as it opens to morning dew.

Think of Heaven as being on the other side of a fan. When the blades move slowly, you can see what's on the other side. As the blades move more quickly, your view of what's on the other side of the fan becomes blurred, and eventually nonexistent to your mind. Believe in miracles, my friend. You and your loved ones are connected forever, so feel free to continue your walk with them both here and there in Heaven.            

Having Multiple Sclerosis for years, plus the untimely death of her youngest son a few years ago, forced Cheryl to re-invent her thought processes. As a metaphysical minister, Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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