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Da… Funny Pages!

with Dan Pelletier

Years ago I learned the old chestnut about "opportunity only knocks once." My piano teacher used to quote to me, "…seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you…" Many years later a drunk in a bar told me, "Sure opportunity only knocks once, but they don't tell you that most of the time you gotta hold the door up for it."

Openings… doors.

There was a time I was employed as a locksmith and opened people's doors for them when they could not. Lose your keys… knock all you want… it ain't gonna open by itself.

Back in the early nineties, the door of a Cessna, cruising at 11,500 ft above the earth opened. I stepped out. It was a wonderful dive. I pulled the ripcord. The ?chute did not open.

Some folks are quick to point out that I had a skydiving accident. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a great skydive. It was only after I attempted to stop 'skydiving' and open the chute when things began to go screwy. The reserve did open, very close to the ground.

There were a couple openings healing in my leg where they inserted hardware.

Later there were more openings in my back.

I know all about openings…

Openings are opportunities.

A while back I wanted to move some rather large rocks around in my rose garden. Just a few rocks… just a few feet. Big heavy rocks. But it would significantly change the garden - it was an opportunity.

Somewhere near the end of the job, my fascia developed an opening. Just a little one. But sometimes openings change in size. They let things in, they can also let things out.

Couple weeks ago I had an opening to fix that opening.

Then a couple teeth that had been giving up the ghost…went towards the light.

It took a week before the dentist could create an opening in his schedule.

Yesterday I had that taken care of - today there are two openings where teeth used to be.

Today there's a message from my dear friend Aleesha, "Could you do a quick essay on Openings?"

Seriously folks - it only hurts - when I don't laugh.

Dan Pelletier lives 13 miles north of Seattle Washington with his lifemate of 22 years, Jan Welsh, his two cats, Spook and Pookha, and 31 rosebushes.

He has been reading Tarot for himself and others for over thirty years. Dan is also co-owner of The Tarot Garden, a highly respected resource for tarot decks and related information on the Internet.

He has written articles appearing on the Tarot for Life website newsletter, "Seeker's Journey," and Tarot Passages; and has published interviews with deck creators on the tarotgarden.com website library.

Feel free to check out Tarot Garden's auctions on eBay!

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