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Running On Adrenaline? Here's How To Get Un-Hooked!
by Martin Avery

When I started to learn some of the advanced techniques for hands-on healing, I could hardly believe it. But you know what they say: "Believing is seeing".

We used to say, "I'll believe it when I see it". Now we say, "You'll see it when you believe it".

Using the healing technique with the prosaic name "adrenal re-wiring" I've successfully unhooked clients' adrenal glands and hooked up their pituitaries again.

My clients, like me, after an adrenal re-wiring session, felt re-energized and very happy.

It's a simple operation, really, and it's done for a good reason.

Many of us get overworked, physically or emotionally, or on some other level, and we say we're running on adrenaline.

"When we are under stress, we typically run off our adrenals rather than from energy taken in our feet and root chakras," says Janet Amare, an instructor in the spiritual healer program of the International Centre for Holistic Studies, located in Toronto, Canada. "The adrenals get overworked and then begin to "run" the endocrine system."

We say, "The tank is empty and I'm running on fumes! Give me some coffee or something with caffeine".

We know it is unhealthy to run on caffeine, or "fumes", but we push ourselves to work longer, harder, smarter, and relax less; promising to get caught up on sleep on the weekend, on holiday, or, as some say, when we're dead.

Adrenaline is a drug. When the adrenal glands push this drug into our body, it takes over from the pituitary gland, which is supposed to be running the whole show. Running on adrenaline is not good for your body!

Adrenal glands burn out. Other glands, running on adrenaline for too long, also get damaged.

Here's how we unhook the adrenal gland and re-connect the pituitary:

Simply stated, we place one hand on one of the adrenal glands afer another and one hand on or above each of the glands in the endocrine system, in turn. We start with the ovaries or testes, then move on to the pancreas, thymus, thyroid, and end at the pituitary.

We imagine, visualize, sense, and energetically send our etheric hands, like miniature human hands, into the glands, send energy from one hand to the other, going toward the adrenals, to unhook the glands they have been sending adrenaline to, and from the pituitary, to those same glands, to re-establish its connection with them.

We imagine the old connections withering like rubber bands left in the light and heat of the sun. We visualize new connections growing like roots, runners, vines, or big tubes and little tubes. We re-connect the adrenal glands to each other, too.

Before the adrenal wire, a technique originated by Shelby Hammit, we fill and balance both legs by sending energy into the bottom of the foot, then to the knee, the hip, and finally the second chakra.

We end these healing sessions by sweeping the client, or brushing them down, waving our hands over them as though pushing away bad or an invisible cloud of toxins.

Of course, the adrenal re-wiring job comes after a rainbow chelation, or a fill and colour, in which we move our hands from one minor chakra to another, sending white light from hand to hand.

And this happens only after we fill our major chakras, using intuitive qi gong exercises, after cleansing the healing room by smudging or spritzing with sage or frankincense, or myrrh mixed with essential oils, such as angelica.

Years ago, this would have sounded very flakey to me. But I used to think Reiki was flakey. Now I'm a Reiki Master and Quantum Touch practitioner and I've studied advanced energy healing techniques.

If you cannot take Reiki or QT seriously, you might not be ready for the adrenal re-wire.

Martin Avery, B.A., B.Ed., M.F.A., A.Q. Drama, DISH, Reiki Master, Quantum-Touch Practitioner, of Soul Guides & Spirit Mates. He is an author, educator, and healer. An amateur gardener and cook but a professional writer, photographer, and workshop facilitator. He's also behind The Great Canadian Winter Novel Marathon in February. Feel free to visit his website.

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