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The Benefits of Meditation
by Reginald Johnson

It requires focus and discipline to consistently practice meditation, prayer or ritual but the practice will assist you tremendously in your spiritual development. You are expanding ethereal, sacred energy and this becomes your power base. Focusing on expanding your consciousness through the process of meditation, and specifically focusing on each part of your body through guided meditation, helps to improve the circulatory system, effectively lowers blood pressure, decreases the heart rate and gives you a calmer outlook on life. You become more patient, while supercharging the immune system. You have mind-control over your body, especially where pain is concerned. You become more aware of your own healing nature. When you focus on your emotional self, you have a deeper meaning in your relationships with others and an "inner peace" is beyond human description.

With meditation, you feel more motivated in your quest for spiritual development. Meditation increases your psychic awareness. Creativity, perceptual ability, and clarity are increased tremendously. You feel closer to God in meditation. Once you get this connection, it is an amazing experience. A feeling of total joy and elation happens. A doctor friend of mine once told me, "Whatever happens to you in this life is not important, but how you deal with it is." Meditation will help you "deal with life" on this physical plane. When I am feeling out-of-sorts, I can take ten to fifteen minutes and feel revitalized. This practice helps me reconnect to my higher self, discharge the negative energy and download a better attitude. Even if meditation doesn't bring a total clearing of emotions, I can at least see them as transitory or as if they are happening apart from me. I can become the observer of my own thoughts and feelings and feel less attached to them.

Meditation Miracles

Now we know consciousness is energy and it is more powerful than electricity or atomic energy. It is the energy that creates life, goes beyond physical death and contacts those who have "crossed over." This is the consciousness which can affect another person's consciousness beyond the physical earth-bound limits of time and space. You are a unit of God consciousness and therefore possess God consciousness. Mystics, psychics, occultists, spiritual advisors, and ancient seers from the past have always astounded us with their ability, and so can you. You can make miracles happen in your life on purpose. You were born to enlighten others and improve the quality of life on earth, for others as well as yourself.

Guided Meditation

If you are the loner type, you may want to experience meditation in the solitude and sacred space of your own home. If you like to be around others to explore meditation, to have the reinforcement of the physical presence and mind power of others, you may want to join in group meditation. In my basic meditation and psychic development classes, the students give details of their meditations - every feeling, scene, colour, physical touch on the body, temperature changes, and what they "saw" in their minds. After giving me information about their specific meditation experience, I am then able to interpret the higher emotional, spiritual and physical issues currently experienced in life.

If you are going to do meditation alone, it is recommended that you keep a journal. Just as important is a dream journal, even when you think you don't remember your dreams. Your Higher Self may be communicating with you in the dream state. I perform many guided meditations with incredible results. The following example is one I find soothing and very profound. You should tape record this meditation so that you can always replay it in your sacred space.

First, I am going to relax. As I take a deep breath in through my nose, I will hold it for the mental count of five-four-three-two-one, releasing, as I exhale through my mouth, relaxing my neck, back, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, forearms, fingers, buttocks, thighs, legs and toes. I release all negative energy from the day which may have caused me stress. Again, as I breathe in deeply and hold my breath, I release it backwards on the count of five-four-three-two-one, repeating the process of letting go and relaxing each part of my body-my neck, back, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, forearms, fingers, buttocks, thighs, legs and toes. I totally release all tension back into the Universe where it will be recycled properly. There is a beautiful and Divine Light of God's sacred energy protecting me and surrounding my body. Every atom of my body is protected by the force of God's love, shielding me and engulfing me with comfort and safety. This energy shield was with me at birth. This sacred and holy energy is my life force and Higher Sensory Perception that I have been endowed with.

I now approach and see a field of beautiful green grass. There are spectacular purple-coloured, snowcapped mountains in the background. Pine trees freshen the air with an incredible fragrance, mixed with floral essence. I will now rest on the grass for a moment.

I have the sensation that I can float, defying the physical laws of gravity. As I do so, I sense myself slowly rising from the grass, looking down below me. I see the incredible panorama of grass, birds and mountains as I float upwards. I am standing at the top of the mountain where I can comfortably meditate. I note an overwhelming feeling of love. This feeling is familiar because I sense an incredible Presence of an angel Guide. This illumined energy is someone I am being reacquainted with, and there is nothing but love and warmth from this Person. I feel warmth, protection and security from this Being. This Being has been with me since I decided to come to earth. This Presence of love and power reaches out to me and gently taps me on my forehead. I feel an electric surge of power go through my body-cleansing, healing, expanding my intuitive ability and taking me to another level of consciousness. I feel soothing energy from the top of my scalp to the soles of my feet. There is a circling motion around my body, empowering and aligning me with the frequencies of the Godhead from which I came. As I feel this beautiful sensation, my body now floats downward alongside the mountain, going back to the grass - floating magically, swiftly and safely back to this beautiful, lush green grass that is comforting, soft and fragrant. As I lay here, I am still and happy remembering everything which has happened. At the count of ten, I will be totally refreshed, fully awakened, and will journal this information in my meditation notebook ten, nine, coming back now - eight, seven, feeling good - six, five, comfortably relaxed - feeling better - four, three, feeling very good - two, the energy is on the top of my head - and one - the energy is filling every part of my body. I am fully awake and conscious.

Journal this information, sensing and taking note of everything such as: What did you feel? Did you smell the pine and other fragrances? Did you "see" the energy Being of love? Was it familiar to you? Other notations?

We maintain a journal because we are immortal, spiritual beings having this human experience, which should be joyful and tranquil. You are getting dream impressions and in many cases, answers to probing questions. When you are in a state of stillness and silence, although you sleep, those messages from your angels and guides will help to awaken you to your own self-awareness, spiritual and emotional maturity. Revisit your journal or diary often and you will experience the voice of God in your higher self.

Dr. Reginald Johnson is author of The Awakening: Conquering the Sleeping Giant Within and Spiritual Soul Coach and creator of the WOW Fest, Inc. To schedule a session, call (800) 864-3497. Article Source

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