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To Bee or Not To Bee
John Penberthy

What a great book for anyone who is at the beginning of their spiritual path. This illustrated story is about a bee who is searching for more out of life. All the other bees seem happy with their lives but Buzz is not, he wants… more. Within the pages of this book he finds a friend and teacher in an old bee who seems to have many of the answers and Buzz finds himself on a personal journey to discover his own answers.

One of my students shared, "I'm so glad you invited me to read this book! I feel this has been a tremendous help in answering some questions I had about "beeing".

At the beginning of my path in life, I feel I have so much in common with Buzz: I resonate with his feelings, questions and points of view. Every now and then between page-flipping I'd, tsk, "Oh totally… Exactly" I see where this bee is coming from.

This book really pulled me in, gave me a rock to stand on and helped me find what I'd been seeking to begin to understand."

So if you are at the beginning of your path, or know someone who is, order a copy of this book and see if perhaps Buzz's experiences can help!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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