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Volume 3 Issue 6 ISSN# 1708-3265
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Wiccan Voices
with Anne Ellis

Stop what you are doing. Take a moment to look around you and become aware of the world that surrounds you. Have you sat in a garden among flowers recently? Have you walked in the woods, sat by the ocean, river, or lake and honoured your connection to the Goddess, the Universe lately?

It doesn't matter if you live in a city surrounded by brick and concrete. The garden of the universe is within your soul. Enter it; be open to the presence of the Goddess everywhere.

Sit for moment, feel your feet touching the rich earth. Feel roots grow from your feet and dig down into the soil. They ground you, centre you and as they dig deeper in the fertile ground you begin to draw up energy, vital and refreshing. This energy brings nutrients to your mind and soul. Your body feels strong, supple and green like a young seedling.

As the energy rises up your legs, it flows into your Root Chakra, at the base of your spine. You feel secure, serene and rejuvenated as the red energy cleanses your foundation.

The energy continues to rise up into your Sacral Chakra, orange and clean. You feel power surge from your most primal of centres. You have control over your life. There is strength in your abilities and creativity in your thoughts.

Your Solar Plexus receives the energy of the earth eagerly. It streams in ready to replenish and enliven your soul. Confidence and potency surge form this centre, bringing with it the yellow warmth and light of the sun and stars.

When this energy, freely given from the Earth, enters your Heart Chakra, you blossom like a flower, green and pink, fresh as the morning dew. You are open to the Goddess, open to the universe. All the love and joy of possibilities grow along side you in this garden where you are one with your surroundings.

The Vital force of the earth continues to flow, up through your throat to your brow and finally out of your crown to waver and dance in the light like the branches of a tree. You are connected, content and centred with the universe, ready to receive from it all the energy and love and healing possible.

The spirit, the compassion, the love of the universe touches your leaves and branches, entering your crown and flowing down to meet at the heart, where the flower of your soul is open to accept them.

Feel the energy as it flows; feel it invigorate your core of being. Feel it enter each of your cells and every inch of your body. Remember the dust which created the earth, the plants, the planets, and stars and everything in the universe also created you. The ebb and flow of energy and matter brought life. The universe and you are one. The love and compassion of the Goddess is yours. Remember you are a child of the universe; be open to it.

An accomplished RuneCaster, Spiritualist/Medium, Consultant Herbalist, freelance writer, and 10-year practising Eclectic Witch, Reverend Anne Fairmoon Ellis is also a certified Reflexologist and Reiki Master/Teacher, and as an ordained First Degree Priestess/Mentor in the Correllian Tradition, is also the Shrinekeeper for The Raven's Moon Shrine in North Vancouver, B.C.

Her current delightful priority is working as a Domestic Engineer for a vivacious two-year-old. You are also invited to visit Anne's website.

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