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The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra
Edited by Lance Dane
ISBN#: 0-89281-138-2

I'd had a vague idea of what the Kama Sutra consisted of, since I'd thumbed through the pages of the "Cosmopolitan Kama Sutra" before. However, I was in for a surprise when I opened up the actual Kama Sutra. The book is not the array of pictures portraying sexual twister - left foot right temple, right hand left side of back, crown of head to buttocks - that I thought it was; Although, nearly every page is graced with beautiful pictures of statues, coins, paintings, all portraying people doing things my Grandmother would have a heart attack upon viewing. Which brings me to my next point, my disclaimer if you will: I'd like to declare that I DID read the book. Yep, read all the words, all the text: I didn't just flip through looking at pictures.

What I found within this book was a very very interesting peek into Indian society, with acceptable practices pertaining to sexual desire, courting, marriage, roles of women, men and maids. There are graphic pictures throughout mind you, but the text has been translated to the do's and don'ts of sexual society, courting and love. Like a text book regarding sexual behaviour and practices; including but definitely not limited to, different kissing, striking, scratching and biting techniques - Yowza. A beautiful work on the art of love!

The Kama Sutra is a book composed of seven books written nearly two thousand years ago in Sanskrit edited and completely illustrated by Lance Dane so the English speaking population can enjoy. That means me! Hurray! Ladies, I highly recommend you read books 1,3,4,5, and 6 to yourselves. You know, you can pick out the good points and read them aloud for your husband but otherwise, keep them away from the husband since there is a lot of talk about wives: yes plural, how to treat, choose and keep your wives. One part I found funny suggested how to flirt with one of your wives, simply pinch her index finger between your toes when she's washing your feet… Ahhh be still my heart! Seriously though it is a very interesting book, and I jest that you shouldn't let your husband read the books forelisted. I do not jest, however, when I say they should read books 2 and 7 in their entirety, as it is all about how to sexually arouse and please your partner.

I love this book! It was intensely interesting to me, I couldn't put it down. The culture described is so different than our own but so fascinating. Taking into account the Kama Sutra was written ages ago, this copy is merely a translation of the original written by Vatsyayana. I recommend this book to everyone over the age of nineteen, really it is a great piece of cultural literature. So whether you're looking for some "new" tips or techniques to enjoy physical union with your partner, or just looking to view a great historic work of literal art, do read this book. It's a book I will enjoy again and again and keep safely at the top of my closet shelf under a little stack of clothes, in case my poor Grandmother comes to visit.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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