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Magical Motion - DVD
Belly Dance with Atea and Friends

Belly dance is an ancient form of dance which has been practiced in many parts of the world for thousands of years. The moves are very graceful, and incorporate natural movement and represent femininity, as the belly represents the womb and the Goddess. If you've never tried Belly dancing it's a great way to increase your core strength, have fun and embrace your femininity.

This DVD set is composed of three disks: Magical Motion, Slow Moves and Fast Moves. Each DVD is broken into different lessons to help you learn to belly dance. All techniques are taught first in slow steps, then fully in regular time. Next, Atea puts the moves to music to display them in beautiful motion. One thing I liked about this set is you get to see many different dancers perform, so you get a good range of different moves and combinations to see the variation of movement.

Atea goes through the history of belly dance to give you a good idea of the dance's origin and use throughout the world. This DVD set is good for those who have never tried belly dancing before: I found the moves and instructions were easy to follow. Being a belly dancer of intermediate skill, there were still a few new things for me to learn and practice, but I found I knew most of what she was teaching.

I enjoyed the section on veil work and costumes: Although not necessary, half the fun of belly dancing is the costume. And while there are plenty of places to buy a costume, it is also very easy and fun to create one of your own. The portion of the DVD devoted to costume use shows many different costumes to give you an idea of how they are made, and offers inspiration to design one of your own.

I've learned to Belly dance on my own with the help of video instruction and as such I've viewed quite a few belly dance videos. Overall I rate Atea's DVD set seven out of ten. Not because of the way she teaches but simply because of the video quality, which can best be described as "80's esqe" somewhat like that of a home video. However, practice of this set will give you a good base of belly dance knowledge.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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