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A Juice Feaster's Handbook
Angela Stokes
ISBN#: 1-58761-231-3

I just finished reading Angela's book and I'm amazed at how much I have just learned. I'm currently doing a Juice Feast and loving my experience. I did so much research on it before embarking on my feast. Reading, asking questions of those who feasted before me, and asking for advice and support from those who are feasting with me.

One of my fellow Juice Feasters mentioned Angela's book and although I had seen it many times on the raw sites I visit, for some reason I never reached for a copy. I am so glad I did!

She explains the items you should not consume during a Juice Feast. Mango is one of them. I've been juicing mangos once in a while when I'm having a hard day (as a little treat for myself). Angela recommends if you are going to consume mango juice, that you water it down a lot and make sure to strain it well. I'm so glad I read this now instead of continuing to juice them and simply enjoy it as is. After all, I'm not juicing for 92 days to do this the wrong way!!! I want the maximum benefit from my feast, and Angela's book is filling in so many little pockets of knowledge for me. Information I simply have not been able to find on the Internet.

So many things are covered in this handbook but I have to say my favourite is where she explains the value of each juice and the different combinations she recommends. Once you've been juicing for a while, it's amazing how you can get stuck in a rut of making the same thing day after day. This book assisted me 'mix it up' a little in my head and get some new ideas for juices!

Anyone who has an interest in Juice Feasting, whether it's for 3 days or 92 days should get a copy of this book. Consider it your Juice Feasting Bible! I know I do.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson
Of course, the best part of this book is definitely Angela sharing her own experiences. I find I learn so much reading other people's experiences and this book fulfilled that part of me. Thank you Angela for taking the time to shine your light so brightly so the rest of us may learn from you! It is an honour to walk in the footsteps of those who feasted before me and to know that many others will follow.

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