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Bellicon Rebounders

Rebounding. Most people have heard about it but many have still not tried this wonderfully gentle form of exercise. Well, let me interject for one moment… it can be gentle if you have a high quality rebounder like the Bellicon! I've rebounded on a $25 rebounder before and it caused stress to my joints, was so noisy and squeaky I couldn't stand doing it for very long and the legs were so short that when I was at my heaviest, I would hit the floor if I bounced too high.

With this Bellicon rebounder I don't have any of those issues. The bounce is completely silent. My son doesn't complain when I'm rebounding upstairs (his room is directly below where I rebound) because he doesn't even know I'm doing it! The bungee system on this rebounder is completely silent. Nothing to oil, nothing to make a sound, so I can rebound when he's sleeping or when the family is watching T.V. in the same room as I'm rebounding. This is a huge bonus because rebounding while watching a nature show is so relaxing for my mind while rebounding is assisting my body to greater health! Of course there are also the benefits of rebounding being used with Speech Therapy, Autism, Dyslexia, Learning Disabled programs to allow the client to rebound before therapy/studying. It assists the brain to relax and they get more out of their session.

My 9-year-old daughter and I have been rebounding every day for weeks now. I work out quite a bit. Going to the gym, doing yoga, Nia… so my core is not weak… but I'm totally amazed at how much my core is strengthening using this piece of equipment!

I ordered my Bellicon Rebounder to assist with my Lymphatic system. I wanted to assist my Lymph flow, boost my immune system and balance my thyroid - but I ended up receiving so many other benefits as well. My heart and other organs are being strengthened, stimulated and toned. My metabolism is increasing and rebounding is assisting my balance tremendously. You can read some of the other benefits here.

Our joints are not stressed using this piece of equipment because the Bellicon absorbs 85% of your weight when you bounce - leaving you with a mere 15%. Think of how hard jogging can be for your joints… you can do a jogging motion on the rebounder and never experience those jarring stressors to your joints again!

Here is an important video for you to watch - it discusses how to stand correctly on a rebounder. When I watched this video the light turned on for me. My daughter walks a little funny and now I know why. She pronates! (Turns in her ankles.) She's working on changing that for herself now. What a gift this was for her.

I have a friend who used to rebound for 30 minutes before every meal. She said she was never in better shape. Her metabolism was high and she felt great. When I got my rebounder she wondered why she ever let rebounding leave her life. She's going to ordering a new one for herself very soon!

Here is an idea of what we experienced in the first four days of having our Bellicon Rebounder in our home:

Our Rebounding Experience:

Day One: Just got our rebounder. I can't believe how quickly it arrived from the States. Sylvia's customer service is excellent. Her email correspondence was beyond compare! I'm so impressed with her, and her product. My hubby screwed in the legs as I read the instruction manual. We put the flexible stability Theraband underneath the base and starting bounding. Keeping my feet on the bounder at all times was not hard for me since I'm very afraid of heights. I was concerned that I wouldn't feel safe rebounding but I was wrong. I just kept watching forward, at one spot at first to make my body adjust to the movement. (Just like I do when I'm balancing in Yoga.)

We took turns and did 5 minutes each - tomorrow we'll increase that time to 10 minutes per session. I'm looking forward to experiencing some of the many benefits of rebounding!

My 9-year-old daughter thinks this is a super fun way to get in shape!

Hours later: I couldn't stop looking at my new rebounder and decided I wanted to go for a little more bouncing. So 9 minutes of bouncing got my bowels moving. Had to stop to go! Today is Day 45 of my Juice Feast… nice to have another natural 'assistant' moving my bowels! I'm not sure if I'll ever feel sturdy enough on the rebounder to go on without the Theraband, but I can tell you… I'm very much loving having it right now. When I lose my balance it steadies me right away. Lovin' this new movement!!!

Day Two: 15 minutes of rebounding. Can really feel it in my ankles (I can feel them gaining in strength) and I can feel it in my arms (from holding on to the balancing strap).

My daughter just completed 5 minutes. She can really feel it in her legs.

4:30 pm: Just completed 10 minutes of rebounding. I sure love having those straps, they keep me focused on moving instead of focused on not falling off! Definitely worth the $24.00!

My daughter is on for her turn, she's going to do only a couple of minutes as her legs are still feeling her earlier rebounding.

6:30 pm: Another set of 30 minutes of rebounding for me. Loving this movement. I'm no longer using the strap!!! I can't believe how safe I feel in such a short period of time. The wide base of this rebounder really does make me feel like I'm not going to go flying off. I can feel the difference in my core muscles now that I'm using them for balance. While I'm rebounding it's a great time to have a conversation with my teenager, watch T.V. or my favourite… staring into my 210 gallon fish tank - it really helps pass the time.

I really love how quiet my rebounder is, you can see on the first video on this page how noisy the first rebounder he's on and how quiet the one I have is. No squeaky springs, instead they use bungee cords. I have the strong bungee bands on my 39" rebounder. There are also medium bands which are softer and x-strong ones as well. The x-strong are only used on the 44" rebounder and are for people who are overweight. Every time I get on my rebounder I find I can stay on longer and my balance is greatly improving. I can see myself eventually being able to jump for long periods of time. I sure am loving this experience!

Day Three: 10:30am: Light rebounding today. I'm very surprised at how sore my back is today. I guess I rebounded too much yesterday… in my enthusiasm. The muscles along each side of my spine are sore. Good to hear, I have a very strong back and this means it's getting even stronger! My shoulders are also sore… from holding onto the Theraband.

Was out all day. My daughter did another short rebounding session when we got home. I didn't get on until 9:45pm. I did some jumping but I've been up since 6am and am just too tired to keep my balance. So I sat down cross-legged and started to bounce. I bounced as high as I could for 15 minutes. Holy crap what a work out for the abs! This is something I'm definitely going to keep doing. I'm blown away by this!

Day Four: Another very busy day but I did get two bouncing sessions in. I'm a little light headed today though (may be the heat) so I'm not bouncing hard, just gentle bouncing. That's what I love about this… you can do it however you want in that moment! There is no "wrong" way to do it (except how you hold your feet obviously, don't want to pronate, you want to bounce on the outside of your feet.)

So that was my experience for the first four days. Since then I've increased my rebounding to about an hour or more a day. Broken up in smaller sessions some days, other times rebounding for 30 - 45 minutes in one go. I love the freedom I feel with this form of exercise. I don't have to attend a class at a certain time, I don't have to make it to the gym before it closes - instead I can do it whenever I want to. Even if that means I get on and get bouncing for only a couple of minutes. I'd never go to the gym for 5 minutes… but I can rebound for 5 minutes! Think of how those 'five minutes' will add up over a year - over a lifetime!!!

My 9-year-old daughter still absolutely loves rebounding. She does it daily, usually a few times through out the day. In 4 weeks she released 10 pounds. Her 'little girl belly' has gone away and she's feeling great about herself!

Now I know many of you will be looking at the price of these rebounders and think there's no way you would want to pay $470 - $691 for a rebounder. Remember this… if you use this rebounder every day for two years, that's under a dollar a day - even if you stopped using it after a year - it would be $1.50 a day. I ordered this rebounder because my health is worth way more than a dollar a day - isn't your health worth it?

Energetically reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson
Now that I'm rebounding daily at home, I picked up a couple of $10 free weights to continue with my over-all toning and I'm saving the $300 a year from my gym membership!

Melissa Gilbert's Review:

A brand new Bellicon rebounder (from www.qibounding.com) arrived at my home a few months ago. When I first began bouncing on it I was thrilled at how easy it was to jump on. I have owned several different kinds of rebounders - some I considered at the time to be quality products and honestly the Bellicon does not compare to any of them. The quality of this rebounder is so high, it far surpasses any rebounder I've ever bounced on.

Sadly my very first rebounder was from a sporting goods store. You can get a comparable rebounder at any chain store, prices ranging from $29 - $90. These are very unstable and can be scary to jump on. You bottom out, the legs fold in on you while you are jumping, making them very dangerous to use. These rebounders are really hard on your back, knees, and ankles - not to mention that they are not doing your joints any good either. These low quality rebounders give rebounding a bad wrap.

My second rebounder was a Needak, it was much better than the less expensive rebounders, but it was very noisy. Constructed of springs with a very thin mat, these mats can tear and break over time. It too seemed very unstable and I did not feel very safe jumping on this rebounder. It took me a long time to gain my balance, and I was not confident using this rebounder. It bottomed out as I jumped. The Needak Rebounders range in price from $200-250. Although the Needak was a better quality rebounder than my first one, I really must advise you to save your money.

Jumping on my new Bellicon is easy. When it arrived I simply screwed in the legs and began jumping. The legs are really solid making it the most stable rebounder I have ever jumped on. It sits high enough off the ground making it impossible to bottom out. This rebounder does not move at all while I jump on it. The first day I jumped for just a few minutes several times during the day and by the end of the day I had reestablished my balance, it was amazing! Because of it's bungee construction, the bounce is soft and not at all harsh on any part of my body. My favourite feature of this rebounder is that it is quiet, there are no springs on this rebounder, I can bounce and no one in the house knows what I am up to. I jumped in my living room with my Hippie sleeping on couch, he had no idea and slept through the whole thing. This rebounder costs a lot more money than the less expensive ones, but I am here to tell you it is well worth the money. It is an investment in YOU and your well being. I love my new Bellicon and it will be with me for the rest of my journey on this planet.

My whole family jumps on the Bellicon, even my three year old. I feel totally comfortable when he uses this piece of equipment. (supervised of course) When you order your Bellicon you have to give your weight and height (of you or the heaviest and tallest person who will use it) as the Bellicon is made for YOU! Making it the best jump you will ever experience.

I had not been jumping for 8 months, and I could tell that my body was weakening. I could feel my core muscles rebuilding within the first 4 days, and the muscles in my back and legs are feeling the workout as well. I am so grateful for this piece of equipment, as I do not have the time or money to spend going to the gym, I am thrilled at being able to stay home and get a great workout using the Bellicon.

If you are considering purchasing a rebounder, don't waste your time or money on another rebounder, treat yourself to quality, get a Bellicon. You will not be sorry.

Reviewed by
Melissa Gilbert

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