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The Abounding River Game
Cafe Gratitude

Editor's Note: Below are two reviews… to give you an idea of how versatile and deeply moving this game can be.

Georgia's Review: The first time I was introduced to this game, I didn't know what to expect. I was at a New Year's Eve party and I played the game with a few friends, one of whom is a politician and was running for an official position at the time (Congress). We played the game for at least 2 hours, and I was amazed at the complexity and depth of the questions and how effective they were at drawing us all inside our selves, searching for the answers. I was also very aware that there seemed to be a ton of questions about money. Not surprising, my politician friend seemed to get all the money questions, but knowing it was a coincidence, I just assumed there were lots of cards focused on that subject in the game. After all, it is a Universal place for issues to arise so it made sense the game would be filled with money questions, right?!

My second opportunity to play the game was during a girl's weekend in the country, secluded and surrounded by nature. All of us were very close and in the mindset to get deep and personal. It was the perfect game. We all were amazed at how each card we pulled seemed to be put there just for us. We cried, laughed (literally one of the cards requires all players to belly laugh for 1 minute!), and contemplated. In a matter of two hours, each one of us drew the laughing card! 5 times in one night. I hadn't seen this card before this night. THAT was funny in itself!

The game requires that each player - upon beginning the game, choose their "Spirit Abundance" name by combining words from a list of choices. Some of the names the people in our group chose were:

  • Light Opulent Jennifer
  • Gaia Treasure Laura
  • And I was Universal Universal Georgia

Each player reads this statement: "I love and honour myself and am grateful to play this game with you" before their first turn, followed by reading their Spirit name. Each player takes turns rolling the dice, and chooses a card based on where they land.

The game is beautiful. It's something you will want to display! Absolutely gorgeous, earthy colours of purples, blues, greens, and other majestic colours coupled with divine drawings. Really, this game is a piece of art in itself.

I was amazed at how after playing with my girlfriends for two solid hours the first time and various different times throughout the weekend, everyone seemed to resonate with their cards so well. It was almost spooky how the cards seemed to choose us. And I found it very interesting that throughout the entire weekend, not one of us ever drew a card about money.

I highly recommend this game for it's beauty, it's thoughtful questions, and it's ability to keep everyone engaged. Enjoy!

Joyfully reviewed by,
Universal Universal Georgia

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aleesha's Review: I have played this game as well but not always in the way it was designed to be played. I bring out the cards during my meditation group and we all pick one or two and discuss them. Being in a group of people you trust and feel you can be completely honest with is a wonderful way to explore this game in a very deep, meaningful way.

It's not uncommon for me to use cards within the group - but these cards brought a different energy to our discussions. I've started pulling a few cards simply for my Self… in a way for me to get a better understanding of where I am in this moment.

A very dear friend of mine died recently, I went to this game and pulled two cards. The first was from the "Worth" category. The card said, "Only love can be divided endlessly and still not be diminished." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh Then my instruction was:

  1. Hold hands with the person on your right and look him/her in the eyes for a few moments. Really let yourself be with the worthiness of 'Spirit', over there, in them.
  2. Have you and the other player share what that experience was like for you both.

There is more on the card. They are "River Guides" and they give you some suggestions to assist you, if you need it, to delve deeper into your card. The River Guides on this card were:

  1. There is nothing to do. Simply be with one another.
  2. Notice if you are uncomfortable; notice what conversation goes on in your head while looking into each other's eyes. Just let those conversations be.
  3. Let nothing be in the way of this moment.

Very timely indeed and yet obviously I used a picture of Darryl. I stared into his eyes and held him within me… for what seemed like an eternity. It was painful and yet peaceful at the same time.

For my next card I wasn't sure if I wanted to pull a card from the "Gratitude" section or the "Love" section. I decided on "Gratitude" as I am so grateful for every moment we spent together. Interestingly enough the card I pulled was speaking about being grateful for our mothers. It asked everyone to share what they are grateful for. Darryl and his Mom were very close and he was so grateful for her. She assisted him deeply in his life but especially after the death of his son. I felt like this card was pulled by him… for her. I shared the card with her later that day.

As Georgia said in her review, it's like the cards know exactly what you need to ponder on, what you need to get in touch with. I always come away from playing with this game with a different perspective on things. Such a joy to have in my life!

The playing board and box of this game are extremely durable and high quality. I've never owned a game that is made from such high quality materials before. Your tokens for moving around the board are metal leaves… with a hint of colour on each to distinguish them from one another. Engraved on the inside of each leaf is "with the current". My friends and I have often said we'd like to wear them around our neck, to remind us to 'go with the flow' rather than 'fight upstream' (with or without a paddle). The top of each game piece curves around to form a closed circle so you could wear them if you choose.

I honestly can't recommend this game highly enough. I know from Georgia's experiences and mine that a deep meaning-filled experience is waiting for us all! Be sure to take a moment and order one for your Self today!

Feeling deeply connected to the 'flow',
Goddess Infinite Aleesha

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