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Soul Masters
Dr. Guo and Dr. Sha

"Looking into their eyes, I can see the depth of their soul"

Master Guo tell us that our heart has a soul, our brain has a soul, our arm has a soul… and when we connect with our soul-organs, we can achieve great healing!

This is just one of the ways Dr. Guo heals his patients. He has a clinic in China, where he and his family along with other practitioners assist the people who come to his clinic to find health. Dr. Sha is one of his disciples. He is in Canada and is teaching and spreading the word of this work with the people in the West.

Those who come to him have been turned away by other doctors as incurable. Dr. Guo doesn't believe in the incurable. He also doesn't believe in naming the dis-ease. Instead he looks at the blockages within your body and dissipates them. Some times what someone is experiencing is karmic. In this case, he works with the Akashic records as well… to remove the karma.

Dr. Guo and Dr. Sha are bringing this healing to the world. Honestly, you really must see this DVD to believe what I'm saying. Even if you simply used the mantras they suggest… it'll be worth your money. And of course if you or a loved one has an incurable dis-ease… please take a moment to consider this type of healing by viewing this DVD. After all, what have you got to lose? $4.95? In my opinion, you have so much to gain!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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