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Volume 6 Issue 6 ISSN# 1708-3265

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Get On Track!

with Lucy Brandt

This issue I'm writing about release or, letting go of the extra, (ahem) baggage many seem to carry around - me included! Be it mental OR physical baggage, or maybe even a bit of both.

I have been through an incredible journey these past few months (incredible in a not so good way) but the outcome is fantastic. However these life lessons come to us, our choice is whether or not we decide to learn from them.

Plain and simple, I bought a house. It has (finally) turned out good, but it was a scary, awful, dark, frightening adventure. I won't go into details here as I am releasing that part of my life. It did however greatly affect my health. I had just come off a 100-day Green Smoothie Feast—freshly-made fruit Juice Fast and that was the most AMAZING adventure I have ever been on and I will do it again, once I move into my new home and can unpack my juicer! I so get it. I get what the Buddhist Monks get. I get what the Christians get. I get what the gospel folks get. I get whatever Higher Power/Being/Belief one believes in. I SO GET IT! I am so glad I did this amazing Fast because it did help me deal and finally release the burdens and ugliness that was being thrown at me.

You have to know me to appreciate this. I go clipping along through life, basically minding my own business, I'm not a recluse, but I tend to have a few good friends as opposed to many so-so friends. I pick and choose who I want to travel this journey with; whether they are four-legged fur babies, winged, scaled, or human. Life is too precious to waste it being a phony, or associating with those who tend to bring others down. It's so true the saying, misery loves company.

Getting back to my health. After this wonderful Feasting/Fasting I did, I reverted back to some ugly old S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) ways of eating and living. Basically I was not taking care of myself. I guess my release from the ordeal, was to comfort myself with food, when actually I was doing just the opposite! Funny how that works, but I am a mere human and can be easily persuaded. I became lazy and not eating a 100% Raw diet and this in turn caused some weight gain and I was not sleeping well. I lost my clear-level-headed thinking, which was so abundant and powerful during my feasting/fasting. I guess I thought food would be the only thing that would make me feel better. Think about this. When babies or children are upset, what is the number one thing we all tend to do? Comfort them with a food, usually a not-so-good food choice. I figured food would be the only thing that wouldn't do me wrong. Ha! How wrong I was.

But realizing this and becoming aware of it has been very healing. Throughout this ordeal, even though all my belongings were packed away, even my books that I've always gravitated towards, (as books are such a wondrous way to travel), I'm reading (online) and focusing on what is right and works for me, what I need to be doing to release negativity and increase my spiritual awareness.

I am excited because I will be moving into my new home in a couple weeks and starting this new adventure in my life. I'll be focusing on releasing all the guilt, shame, ugliness and excess weight. For that I am totally psyched and I am already feeling this huge burden lifting.

It's amazing how we perceive life and mentally where our head is at, how this affects our bodies. Holding on to negative feelings is very taxing on our body. But releasing and becoming at peace with our self is, well… there aren't many words to describe that feeling.

There is a reason why I Feasted/Fasted prior to where The Plan/The Journey took me these last couple of months. It prepared me physically and definitely mentally to undertake those things that we (sometimes) do not have control over. I say sometimes because we can choose which pathway to take; to either be brought down and become miserable, sick and unhealthy, or to rise above and RELEASE and become living, thriving, healthy, and vibrant! I am now definitely choosing the latter. It's an amazing feeling to be in control of my mental and physical state and it comes so easily. It just takes a little bit of work. Oh yeah, it's easy to be down and out with woe-is-me attitude, but is that really healthy? Of course not.

Even while I was not taking the best care of myself, my body, mind, and soul were longing for my normal (better) life style. The healthier me. The more vibrant me. The me that was living, not existing.

At one point during this ordeal, I went outside when it was raining, into my back yard and cried, looking upward I asked the Goddesses to help me release all this ugliness and unnecessary worry that was befalling me. And you know what the response was? For me to do it for myself. No one can do it for me. I had to get there and realize and release all that was burdening me and bringing me down. And from that point forward everything fell into place.

I did release the ugly. I did release the misery. I did release the guilt. And it felt mighty good. I was back in control again. Nice feeling.

When I saw what the "theme" of this issue was going to be, I thought, how was I ever going to be able to write about release? But it is such a part of living and again, it is free to release whatever is going on inside of you, be it mental clutter, weight issues, money worries, whatever the situation is. YOU are in control. YOU have the final say. YOU are the ultimate one that can release and live again and live like there's no tomorrow.

Lucy Brandt is a active member of Raw Food Talk and absolutely loves the Timeless Spirit Magazine. She joined us as a regular columnist here at Timeless Spirit Magazine in 2009. She immensely enjoys her life with her three fur pals, Dug 'da Pug (who is just a baby boy), Inga (who is a Great Dane in a Yorkie's body), and Emma (who goes with the flow - a wirehaired mini Dachshund). When these three aren't asking for ALL of her attention, she has five grandchildren, all from her daughter. She also spends quality time with her son and his girlfriend and her Mom, who is her best friend. Being a keeper of the forest (meaning total lover of nature) is a much rewarding, time-consuming job for her as well.

Besides holding down two jobs, she enjoys gardening, both indoors and outdoors, bird-watching, day dreaming, and soul searching. In her spare time, which is rare, you can catch her laying in the grass becoming one with Mama Earth.

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