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Rose Quartz Rhapsody
by Melissa Tierney

As is often the case, as one door closes, another opens. This story is validation of that worn cliché's lasting truth.

A dear friend's mother crossed, and she took it very hard. She had just finished teaching for the school year, and had returned from scattering her mother's ashes in the bay surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge. I presented her with a rose quartz heart I picked for her at a recent Metaphysical conference. The vendor had been selling beautiful stones from all over, but the pale pink quartz heart had seemed appropriate. The crystal is known as the Love Stone, and we'd all been after this friend for quite some time to begin dating. She had been divorced for at least fifteen years. The stone also possesses the quality of soothing and healing emotions, and as one book described, "It's like an emotional bubble bath." Perfect, I thought.

I had set the stone's intention to heal, comfort and nurture Nancy, to "give her an emotional bubble bath," and to bring love into her life by honouring her detailed description of the man she was waiting for, (and believe me, that was a tall order, in more ways than one!) Ruth Genevieve was the name I gave the stone, in honour of her hard-working mother. I told my friend that Ruth was a dedicated provider, a practical no-nonsense woman, but that she also had the romantic Genevieve side that had long sat quiet. She was fearless, exotic, carefree and passionate about life. Although my friend has always 'Lived Out Loud', she now needed that fearlessness and passion in a relationship. I told her the crystal was here as a helper to guide her into the new phase of her life. The Genevieve Phase.

That was Tuesday. On Saturday, we had plans to attend one of Chicago's celebrated rites of summer, the Old Town Art Fair. The event has two almost separate parts - the north side's more formal art, with Wells Street's craftier items and more casual atmosphere just south of North Ave. We were to meet and do the north side, but the day was very chilly, and rainy. I called Nancy to say we should postpone it and try to go the next day when better weather was forecast. Perhaps, if it stopped raining and warmed up, we could try for later in the afternoon, but Sunday seemed the day to go.

I did not receive Nancy's phone call that afternoon on my cell telling me she was heading to the fair. It was still cold and although it was no longer raining, it was cloudy and damp. I decided to wash my hair and work on one of my online classes. Shampooing my hair in the middle of the afternoon seemed strange, but, hey, I wasn't going anywhere in that weather. My phone rang, and it was Nancy telling me she was at the fair, and was I coming? No, I said. My hair was wet and it was yucky out! I felt badly that she would be there alone, but I also thought she should have called to see if I wanted to go. Sunday was now predicted to be beautiful and warm! Why go out today? She seemed disappointed but said she needed to get something in that area anyway. About 6:00 it had cleared enough for Steve and I to walk down the street for something to eat. My phone told me I had a missed call, and I listened to Nancy's message from earlier stating she was heading to the fair, and did I want to meet her? I called her immediately and apologized for not realizing she had called. She said, no problem, she had just gotten home. She would probably want to go again the next day, so no harm done.

The next day we did indeed go, and the weather was fabulous. Nancy's spirits were much sunnier than I'd seen them in a while, and I thought she might be making a quick rebound. Waiting for the bus, she told me she had a story to tell. She had met a man. Yesterday. At the Wells St. side of the art fair, where she had gone to pick up the items she needed when I wasn't going to meet her. He was taller than her 5'10" He was a teacher. He traveled around the world, and had spent time in Australia, as had Nancy. SHE asked HIM to walk the fair with her. They ended up dining together, and have had lengthy conversations on the phone every night since. He lives in Michigan, and was in Chicago for a teacher's conference. The other participants had headed to a museum, but Michael had decided on Wells St., fulfilling a wish to reminisce on some memory. Strangely, he and Nancy now refer to their meeting as their reunion. I say strangely, because how many people are willing to acknowledge the concept behind those powerful words?

Did I feel Michael's approach and prepare Nancy? Did the stone produce this magical meeting? Had Nancy surrendered enough in her vulnerable state to receive Grace? Was it, possibly, just a coincidence? No, there are no coincidences. I believe it is All of the Above. And that's where it came from…

Melissa Tierney has been an intuitive since she was a child and "saw dead people". After years of denial, she began embracing her gifts, and now spends her time as a Crystal Worker and Intuitive Art Teacher. Melissa gives creative readings (Spirit surprises her with very unique informational situations all the time; animal totems, crystals, found items of significance, [city street junk!], and visions…) She can't wait to see where Spirit leads her next!

Melissa is working on a book of her amazingly whacky life coincidences entitled "The Miracle Phone - Inspirational Stories of Knowing."

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