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Being Mindful
by Janet Alston Jackson

In 1952, Lester Levenson, a physicist from New Jersey claimed he had discovered the ultimate secret to achieving and maintaining perfect health, effortless wealth, deeply satisfying relationships, as well as a profound sense of peace, happiness and freedom—independent of outer circumstances.

He had many health problems including depression, an enlarged liver, kidney stones, spleen trouble, hyperacidity, and ulcers which had perforated his stomach and formed lesions. After having his second coronary, his doctors sent him home to his Central Park South penthouse apartment in New York City to die.

Because he was a scientist, he laid in his bed thinking about what happens to the energy in the body when we are ill, and what, besides medications, helps the body heal itself. He realized that when he loved other people, he was was happy and his body felt much better. For three months he stayed to himself and was able to cut through his conscious mind to find what he needed. What he found was the ultimate tool for personal growth—a way of letting go of all inner limitations by releasing all non-loving emotions and thoughts. He was so excited by his discovery that he used it intensively for a period of three months and his body became totally healthy again.

Despite the doctors predicting Lester only had a few months to live, he went on to live forty more years teaching people his method of releasing. Today approximately one hundred thousand people around the world have been taught his method through "The Release Technique," and "The Sedona Method," by two of his students, Larry Crane and Hale Dwoskin. Lester made them promise to continue his work.

What is releasing? Releasing is Mindfulness on speed. Being in the moment (mindfulness) you observe your emotions, your thoughts, and everything around you without judgement, opinion, or criticism. You are in total awareness. Releasing is observing those same thoughts and feelings, but asking yourself "Could I let it (emotion or thought) go?" "Would I let it go?" "When?"

The Buddha's teaching of Mindfulness and also "right thinking'' has been the way to release by millions for several thousands years.

Right thinking:

First - Ask yourself, "Are You Sure?" Often what we think is correct in our minds, especially judgements about others, is totally false.

Second - Ask yourself, "What Am I Doing?" This helps to bring us back to the present moment. It is right thinking because often our thoughts can carry us away.

Third - Say to yourself, "Hello Habit-energy." We have to embrace our destructive habits, rather than running away from them, or suppressing them. This only makes the energy stronger.

Fourth - Love, love, love. This is the most powerful force on the planet to relieve suffering and create happiness in ourselves and others.

Having meditated for at least thirty years, I have found both Lester's method and Mindfulness incredible transformative tools to releasing. It's the holding in mind which causes us the pain and suffering. When we let go of all of our non-loving thoughts, we can then experience our true nature, whole, happy, perfect, and complete, and filled with love.

Janet Alston Jackson is the author of "A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love," winner of the USA Book News Award for Christian Inspiration. Janet is a behavioural and personal growth consultant. She often teams with her husband Walter Jackson (author of "Sporting the Right Attitude"), facilitating effective communications trainings for better personal and professional relationships. The couple have been guests on numerous radio talk shows around the country, and have made appearances on public television. Visit their websites: Sporting the Right Attitude and JanetAJackson.com.

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