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Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants
Jonathan Goldman and Crystal Tones

As many of you already know I'm a huge lover of Jonathan's work. What I really love about this CD is the many ways you can use it.

You can use it;

  • as a self-healing and meditation tool
  • as background sound to create balance during energy and body work
  • as a tool to assist you to create your own sounds to resonate with your chakras (explained in detail in the little leaflet which comes with the CD)
  • and lastly you can simply listen to it!

Jonathan doesn't hold back when he puts out a CD and he never holds back with information when he publishes his leaflets either. They are always jam-packed with ways to use the CD and with detailed information on how the CD was created. There is no smoke and magic behind a curtain here… you don't need to worry about what is 'within' his tones…

So if you love the sound of crystal bowls - I'm sure you'll love this CD!

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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