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Wiccan Voices
Squeeze the Sponge: the purpose of magical release

with Crystal Blanton

I have heard the example of the soul being like a sponge, able to take in qualities from the world around it to learn and grow. Since a sponge is porous in nature and is made to soak up what it comes in contact with, this is a great example of how energy adapts to its environment and expands with the additional elements that are added to it. As each person walks through the journey of his or her life, there are a lot of things that push towards learning and growth.

Like a sponge, each person's world view is expanded by the experiences he or she encounters including those that cause uncomfortable reactions. Pain, fear, sadness, rejection, depression and loneliness are just some of the emotions which are a natural part of life, yet ones most people try to avoid. Even though I try to avoid those emotions like the plague, I also know most of the leaps in faith and spiritual growth I have had come as a result of those times in my life where these emotions became an overwhelming part of it. After the situation passes and I have recovered, I have been able to see the changes in how I relate to the world and how I have become more spiritual, mature, understanding or empathetic as a result of the experience.

This process is not unique to me alone. The human experience is one of cyclic growth; life, death and rebirth or living, experiencing and expanding. The continuous nature of life dictates constant adjustment to change and adaptability as some of the most beneficial skills to maintaining balance.

This leaves us with the concept of rebirth; regenerating after the experience of life has left us with the many lessons that cause growth. In revisiting our example of the soul as a sponge; what happens when the sponge is used, hasn't been washed or squeezed out and becomes full? You can wipe the kitchen counter with a dirty sponge all you want but you will not be able to get the food particles left on the counter from dinner without making a bigger mess to clean later. Without squeezing out the sponge, there is no ability to adapt to the need and instead you are only wiping previously soaked up dirty water and filth back onto the counter.

If our souls are like sponges, taking and expanding from the environment around it, then it is essential to squeeze out the sponge and enable ourselves to continue to take in life's lessons untainted and without the yuckiness from our past spills and cleanups. This is the power and importance of release. Release enables each of us to continue through life with fresh perspective and with the ability to recognize and capitalize on new opportunities. Without this fresh perspective, everything we touch is altered from what it could have been and changed by our unclean filtering system; clogged by the past hurts, fears and pains. Relationships, family and even our magic become affected.

Knowing the need for release allows each of us to strategically plan what our needs are and how to meet those needs accordingly. Each religion has methods for cleansing and releasing old baggage. Wiccans have the power of magic on our side and the ability to use our will to support our needs. The natural part of processing our thoughts and coming to terms with the lessons we have received is one step, using magic to release those things that no longer serve your greatest good can be step two. Magic does not have to be a part of your release process but we should not underestimate the value in using our energetic power to release and regenerate.

Our past can disguise itself as our identity and stop us from seeking further ways of living and viewing life. The longer we hold onto the murky parts of our past, the more it festers and infiltrates the areas that should be open to growth and new things. In making release a priority, you are saying you are ready to have the experiences which can and will bring you closer to living a life full of the possibilities that you have yet to see or imagine. Release makes this possible by cleaning out the storage and making room in your life.

Magical methods for release are as varied as they are wide and each person can find a way that works best for the situation or the individual need. This article is not meant to address the spells or rituals, instead this is really meant to reinforce the importance behind the concept and the additional firepower that witches have to support the progression of letting go of the old.

Celebrate the opportunities to have fresh new perspectives and the choices surrounding you. With the weight of the past tied to your feet you are limited in your stride, unable to gain speed in your journey. Allowing those energies to go, be cleansed and reused by the Gods for the highest good gives you a chance to flourish and gives someone else the chance to do the same by mirroring your example.

Squeeze the sponge and be resilient in your endeavors. Open your heart to the infinite possibilities which are beyond our understanding by releasing those things that are not of productive use anymore. Ask the Gods to show you the way to regeneration and adapting to the current demands of life. Live your life as a dance, with love in your heart, music in your step, glide in your stride and feathers at your fingertips.

Release the energy that ties me down, bound to only one answer
Cleanse those things that make me frown, unable to see the laughter
Bring in the hope that love surrounds, opening me to see what matters
Hold it dear within my soul that faith will take me to the morning after.

As I will it, it is so.
Blessed be

Crystal Blanton is a trained and experienced Registered Addictions Specialist in the field of drug and alcohol counseling, which enhances her understanding of spiritual balance and how behaviour and perceptions affect our everyday lives. Blanton is a High Priestess and ordained minister with Family Wiccan Traditions International (FWTI) and Dance of the Spirit Moon Tradition, is on the Executive Board of Directors for FWTI, Elder with Covenant of the Goddess and is a student mentor. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and children and tries to read as much as possible.

You can contact Crystal Blanton via email or visit her website at www.crystalblanton.com or www.touchofamethyst.com.

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