Aleesha specializes in small web pages/sites for those people who don't understand html coding and find those templates a little too confusing for them to use. She hand codes the page, using Photoshop to make it gorgeous… and her prices are very reasonable. (and as with everything in her life, exchanges are always welcome!)

If you are interested in having a web page or web site created by Aleesha, please feel free to email her. She will also assist you in creating a name for your site which is numerologically balanced, thus increasing your sites ability to succeed!

Remember — no job is too small. If you simply need your images worked on, you need assistance creating your Meta Tags, or you need a one page site… Aleesha is here to assist you because she believes, even the smallest page deserves to look GREAT!

Aleesha is the Publisher, Editor, Graphic and Web Designer as well as a Regular Columnist for Timeless Spirit Magazine. If you want to get to know her better, please feel free to check out her personal webpage.

You can contact Aleesha via email.


The "energy" is free, it’s "time" which is precious.
I gratefully accept exchanges, money orders or Paypal.

My fees are between $150 (1-5 pages) and $250 (6-10 pages) for a website and $20 an hour for a web page. Please know that depending on what your site requires also factors into the pricing… a very simple 7 page site would fall into the $150 category and a very complex 5 page site would fall into the $250 category. These prices are guidelines are not final until we discuss your site and your needs. Every client is different, as are their sites. I am here to meet your needs.




When my contracted web designer was suddenly unable to do the job, Aleesha stepped into the breach without hesitation. She worked tirelessly and patiently to get my site up and running, making suggestions when I was at a loss for what I wanted. I am extraordinarily pleased with her work, professionalism, and ever pleasant attitude, and will recommend her highly to anyone in need of a great, well-personalised site.

Lanna Bannister

Aleesha, thank you so much for your fantastic work building my website. Even though I wasn't really sure how I wanted it you came up with a great design and worked with me until it was just right. You really made it into exactly what I wanted. And so fast! I would have spent weeks or months trying to do what you did in two days! I really appreciate your attentiveness and patience with my questions, and I am amazed at how quickly you address each and every little adjustment I request. This project would have never come together without your creativity and expertise… I've already recommended you to two of my friends, and will definitely be sending more your way!!

Kristine Osborn
The Worm Room (no longer online)

When I needed an advertisement (265x380 pixels) and a webpage for my proofreading and copy editing business, I went to Aleesha of AKS Web Design. She asked me for my input, and then created a page which not only featured my ideas, but along with her talent, I ended up with a webpage which transcended even my original vision. I highly recommend AKS Web Design to everyone who needs a creative, inspiritational job beautifully done.

Magi Frost
Magi Frost's Proofreading and Copy Editor Page

Aleesha Stephenson is a tireless web designer! I've never worked with anyone so insistent on getting the feel and look I wanted for my website. She is always timely, and is an excellent communicator! If there are any problems, she is on hand to deal with them immediately, and I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to have her design another site for me! I've been extremely happy with her work from beginning to end.

Elizabeth Abernathy
Bridgid's Cauldron (no longer online)

Whenever I work with myself to create a new page, I find myself so helpful and willing to do whatever it is I want. I make changes without complaining and am willing to tweak the page until it meets with my satisfaction. *giggling* Working with me really is a great experience. I highly recommend it.

Aleesha Sattva
Timeless Spirit Enclosure
Aleesha's Reiki Page
Aleesha's Raw Food and Fasting Coaching Services
Timeless Spirit Magazine


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Please contact Aleesha via email.


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