Proofreading and Editing by Magi Frost

Magi Frost passed away on November 7th, 2008.

Please light a candle and hold her family in your hearts as they grieve.

For manuscripts, University papers, books and web pages/sites.
No job is too small or too large.

Magi is the Copy Editor for Timeless Spirit Magazine.

An English major and dedicated perfectionist, she delights in the intricacies and subtle nuances of the English language.

Magi has done copy editing for Anne Massey, D.J. Conway, Tira Brandon-Evans, Jeni Mayer, Salmo & District Hospice Society, West Kootenay Therapeutic Riding Association, The Pagan Grove Society, Body Mind Spirit Magazine, Earthsongs Magazine and The Salmo Newspaper.

Doing a "spit and polish" to many web sites - Magi is assisting people to put their best foot forward while peddling their wares on the net!

Magi assists University students (mostly in Canada and the United States) with their papers. Her ability to do her editing with a very quick turn around, getting the paper back to people sometimes within hours when needed… is a huge asset to many of her 'regular' students!

A published author in her own right, Magi has written articles for many newspapers and magazines.

Prices subject to document size.
Documents under 10 pages = $20.00
Documents over 10 pages = $2.00 a page.
Editing which requires extensive research = Prices Vary.
Editing for web pages/sites = Prices Vary.


How many typographical errors, omissions or misused words could end up in a completed manuscript of 60,000 words? Had I trusted my own writing skills, an embarrassing number. Magi Frost worked on proof after proof with me, meeting my ridiculous deadlines of delivering preferably yesterday. My manuscript, Covenants of Venus, includes rather complex technical data. Magi caught actual errors that would have been embarrassing if delivered into the hands of the publisher. Did she miss any typos? Yes, two little trivial ones caught by reviewers. Am I upset? No, I am delighted, and when it comes time to work with the editor for the publisher, I will still keep Magi as a backup; I trust her honesty, integrity and like her affordable rates. She'll also check facts. My next manuscript won't leave my office until it has been proofed by Magi.

PS. Note Magi hasn't edited my website, and you'll see lots of typos.

Anne Massey
Professional Astrologer, Teacher, Columnist and Writer
Fort Langley
August 12, 2005

Magi Frost is a personable and knowledgeable woman whose editorial skills would be an asset to any employer. Such talents are rare, not only because of Ms. Frost's knowledge, but also because, in this case, they are part of the personality of a woman who is a genuinely nice person. Being a writer and working with editors of all types, I can say with complete assurance that a person like Magi Frost is difficult to find. Her kindness and editoral knowledge would benefit any employer wise enough to hire her.

D.J. Conway
View her bio here.

Magi Frost is a valued and invaluable member of our team at Elder Grove Press. She has edited many of our books, including "The Green and Burning Tree" and "The Labyrinthine Way".

As publisher and editor-in-chief, I depend on Magi Frost to catch all grammatical errors and omissions, spelling errors and awkwardly phrased sentences that may confuse the reader. Magi Frost's edits are clear, to the point, and always improve our books.

Tira Brandon-Evans,
Elder Grove Press

I've been writing professionally for years and I never publish anything until Magi puts her touch on it!

As an intricate part of my magazine, Magi edits, polishes and makes all of my writer's look their best. Never taking their writing out of "their words" - she is a huge asset to Timeless Spirit Magazine!

Aleesha Stephenson
Publisher and Writer for
Timeless Spirit Magazine

Magi Frost has been a huge asset to ProWrite Communication and myself for the past 4 years. She is an exemplary copy editor and I trust her with all my editing work - from catalogues and directories to advertising copy and one of my most recent novels. When what you write matters, Magi is the perfect choice for copy editing.

Jeni Mayer
Prowrite Communications

Magi is one incredible wonderful editor. I have had about five editors working for CBS and ABC Television Networks so I consider myself an expert on editors. What I love about her work, is that she doesn't try to change my style, and she catches everything! No stone is left unturned on my manuscript. Yet, she allows my voice to come through with such clarity. Magi, you know better what I am trying to say than I do!

Magi, Thank you for getting my chapters back to me so promptly. And, thank you for understanding when my flow of work to you has been sporatic. You've waited patiently and been non-judgemental.

I feel through working together, you have become my friend. After all, you are are an extension of my voice to the world. Thank you seems so trite.

You can edit this testimony...before you post it :)

Light, Love and Blessings,
Janet Alston Jackson
Self Awareness Trainings

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